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Ingest hand made instant drink every day and come by healthy body!

Useful for Health recovery, Beautiful skin, Anti aging, Stress, Digesting disorder, Adiposity, and Cold constitution. “No more rely on supplement and procreate healthy body with hand made drink!

Product features

●Sour drink (healthy vinegar drink)
□Make sour drink and ingest citric acid, acetic acid easily rather than to ingest vinegar itself directly. Ittakes only one day to make various kinds of fruit sour drinks.
□Healthy efficacy point of the Vinegar is Acetic and Amino acid. Once make the sour drink, easy to come by indispensable nutrition for procreating healthy body. Effective points are as follows.
1.Health recovery 2.Accelerate appetite 3.Smooth blood flow 4.Anti chub 5.Diabetes 6.Highblood pressure 7.Accelerate beautiful skin・Anti aging 8.Osteoporosis 9.Hangover 10.Sterilization
●Medical Fruit Liquor
□Normally it takes a half year or couple years to make medical liquor or fruit liquor, this product takesonly one day and it is useful from healthy drink to cooking.
□Medical・fruit liquor is organic acid which include plenty of citric acid and amino acid. Effective pointsare as follows:
1.Health recovery 2.Accelerate stomach condition 3.Anti Aging etc.
□More quick extraction of fruit, vegetable, and medical plant nutrition into vinegar and liquor by Ultra sonic wave vibration which is developed by Kumazaki Aim.
□”Ester” which is extracted by chemical reaction generate excellent taste(Umami) and aromacomponent.
□Temperature adjustable function (10-55 degrees). Adjustable setting up suitable drinking Temperature. Only push a button and healthy drink will be served quickly!!
□Miscellaneous ways of recipe. Make own drink with putting favorite fruit, flower, herb etc.
□Very easy to make drink. “Recipe for healthy body” is attached



Product Specification
■Product size : FW-200=W190 x D190 x H255mm / 1.7kg
Storage bottle=D90mm/H150mm / 700cc
■Material : FW-200=ABS Storage bottle=Body/Glass, Lid/ABS
■Accessory: Body, Storage bottle x 2pcs, Recipe, Instruction Manual
■Consumption power : 70W (Power cord length: approx. 2m)
■Gift box dimension : W350 x D240 x H300mm/3.5kg
■Master carton dimension : W720 x D500 x H320/approx. 16kg
■Qty/Ctn(Sets) : 4pcs
■Country of origin : China


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