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Marvelous Hi-resolution!

Easy to set up! Just enjoy your own movie theater at home!!
Compact sized and easy to carry
Clear view and easy adjustable pinto and display
Enjoy various ways of use with your family and friends!!
Movie, Photo, TV, Music Live, and Game etc.
Create living ECO life with LED!
*Apply LED as source of light which is low-consumption power and long-lasting.
*Compare to current high pressure mercury lamp, it takes only short time for turning on and off power.
*No need to cool down the unit by fan after turning off (Silent design)
Affluent kinds of connecting terminal!!

Product features

* Enjoyable at anytime! DVD integrated player with stereo speaker built-in
* Light weight! Gross weight is around 2.4kgs. Easy portable projector with carry handle attached
* Low consumption powerUtilize LED light which is lower consumption power than current high pressure mercury lamp



Product Specification
■Projection imaging modalities : LCOS ■Product size : W165 x H265x D60mm / Weight 2.4kg
■Power consumption : 60W
■Rated voltage : DC12V 5A
■Resolution : 1024x768 XGA
■Contrast ratio: 100:1
■Material : ABS, poly-carbonate + ABS
■Country of development : Japan
■Country of origin : China


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