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Have you ever experienced something is missing or can’t find just before you leaving a house?

This product is suitable for especially elder people or person who has weak eye sight to detect where the missing items are hiding with electronic sound.
It is suitable to detect House key, Driver’s license, and Cellular phone which are indispensable items for our daily life. It is simple to operate, just attach Sub device(s) to each item before use and press desired number on a Base device, then missing items will be easily found in a second with the electronic sound.
The Electronic sounds beeps 5 times if button number 5 on the Base device is pressed, and moreover on the center position of the Base device has a prong thus it is easy to operate for elder people.

Product features

■1.Detect missing items easily with electronic sound by pressing desired button number on Base device
2.Easy to find the missing items with loudly sound even though the missing items are hiding in a drawer or in a bag.
3.Electronic sound beeps related time(s) which button number is pressed on Basic device.(For example: If button number 2 is pressed/Electronic sound beeps 2 times, if button number 5 is pressed/it beeps 5 times.)
4.Integrated LED light on top position of Basic device.
5.Magnetic type device which could be attached to refrigerator and prevent any loss of device itself.
6.Easy to organize location of each Sub device with handwriting memo label.


RF315N_640_02.jpg RF315N_640_01.jpg RF315N_640_03.jpg


Product Specification
■Product size : Server;W40 x H90x D16mm/ Weight 33g, Receiver;W36 x H60x D10mm/ Weight 16g
■Package colored box size : W177 x H160x D48mm/ Weight 330g
■Master carton size : W370 x H330x D170mm/ Weight 4kg
■Package per Master carton : 12pcs
■Power : Button battery CR2032
■Country of development : Japan
■Country of origin : China
■Set : Server, Receiver x5, Server sticking medals, Server labels, straps ×5, Manuals


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